When you write a post in WordPress , it will automatically create a link with the ending not optimized for the search engines. This unsightly looking ending of the link also doesn’t look as appealing to your visitors or when your link is seen around the web.You can learn more about SEO link building here also.

Although there are a few options under the Settings -> Permalink tab, the default is set to the example below. The video above explains how you can change the permalink structure. We want our title and keyword in the link if possible and the video shows how we can achieve this easily.

  • Instead of seeing something like http://affiliatemarketerscollege.com/?p=123 for example we want to change it to read http://affiliatemarketerscollege.com/how-to-seo-a-permalink.html

When Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines come to crawl your site, they will find and index your pages quickly because the robots will easily understand what your article is about because your title and keywords will be included. We are simply applying another SEO link method to our site. This is one important part of on age SEO when writing content.

This is how you will achieve higher Google rankings and more visitors to your website or blog. It is a simple little on page SEO tweak that makes all the difference to your levels of traffic.

If you are looking for a definition on WordPress permalinks go here.

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