SOPA, Oh the debate goes on!

The Stop Online Piracy Act, which could fundamentally alter the way the internet works by holding content sharing sites legally responsible for copyright infringements posted by the users. This could see many changes to the web as we now know it. It could potentially bury any kind of submission-based website under piles of legal paperwork, places like Reddit and Wikipedia have been very vocal in their opposition to the bill. has just stuck their head out and given their support for SOPA.  They may start to feel the backlash of supporting a bill that the internet hates while still trying to market their services the internet to exactly those people who may be hurt.

However the internet community is divided whether this will be a good thing or not. I gues many poeple are jittery because we don’t really know the full extent of these eventual decisions.

This recently on Twitter….

“I am proud to announce that the Wikipedia domain names will move away from GoDaddy. Their position on sopa is unacceptable to us.” This was a recent tweet from Jimmy Wales.
…..and this from NameCheap.Com web hosting. “Unlike the competition, we oppose SOPA because we believe in internet freedom. Transfer your domains over for $6.99 with code SOPASucks.”
Time will tell. I recently did a post when first hearing about this possible law going through. Read it here at How will Sopa effect internet marketing business.  The interesting rant from the cynical Brit is below.

SOPA Internet Law Controversy

You can read more articles about this topic here at ology and also at Techdirt.

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