Internet Business - Image by AmbroBeginners actually, not dummies  please, we were ALL learners in the beginning! I hear my visitors to my site say “I want to make a website – Show me how!”

When setting up a website, I personally prefer WordPress because I love the fact it is easy to use and has lots of free themes and plugins to make any site look awesome AND be very powerful as far as the SEO factor goes.  You can also easily your site so it is search engine friendly.Starting an online business doesn’t need to be hard, you just need to learn and take the first step and get started.

The intention of Affiliate Marketers College.Com is to guide you through the process of building a website that is search engine optimized to help you achieve higher rankings in Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.  The SEO and link building strategies are up to date with the latest Google algorithm changes.   The search engines reward a well optimized website or blog with higher organic rankings. If you have an affiliate marketing website this means more traffic and more money.

Setting Up a Website for Dummies, or Beginners  – Step by Step. I have also created some tutorial videos on my YouTube channel on Internet and Affiliate Marketing for Dummies – beginners please…we all have to start somewhere!.

  • 1. Buy (register) a Domain Name. Choosing the name takes a little thought and consideration. Before you choose, use a keyword tool if necessary. Registering is done quickly within a few minutes. You need to do this first before getting your hosting provider.
  • Get an account with a hosting provider.

I like to host many of my WordPress blog and websites with Hostmonster.  You get great support if needed, either online or by phone. They are also inexpensive at around only $7 – $8 a month for an unlimited amount of domains. You can set up different web sites all from the one easy account.

  • Change your Nameservers to your host company

Change your nameservers within a few seconds from where you registered your domain name. Inside your dashboard of your account, go into your domain manager and click on the domain name where you want to set your nameservers. Then select “set nameservers” and enter the address.  You can also edit your nameservers when you get sent an email confirming your registration. (I will have videos covering this on my Youtube channel.) It will look something like this. Click on the “I have specific nameservers for my domain” In the first box would be something like NS1.HOSTMONSTER.COM  and the next box beside it NS2.HOSTMONSTER.COM.

You will not see changes instantly, give the system time to work it’s magic!. It can take up to 3 days (usually under 1) for your domain name to point to your new hosting account. This is why I normally try to set this up when I register the domain name or straight afterwards.

  • Install WordPress on Your Web Site

Now this is now a very easy process. Again, I have created a YouTube video showing you how to do this quickly in a few minutes. Log in to your control panel. For example again, if you are using Hostmonster, log in and then click on the CPanel login. ( Don’t worry if you may have to use the temporary IP Address link via your email since your domain hasn’t created yet. If so just click on the link they sent you to get started) Use the same username and password in that email. You can change your password later on.
Inside your CPanel scroll down the page to select “Simple Scripts” quick and easy installation and then proceed as follows: I have a YouTube video showing how to do this.

* Select WordPress and click on Install.

* Select the stable‖ version of WordPress, usually automatically appears.

*Select the web site where you want WordPress to be installed. I only use the root address of the site.

* Optional – go to Advanced Options to rename my blog site using my site’s name.

* Enter your Username and Password which you will use each time you log into the administrative section of your site.

* Hit the Complete button at the bottom – you are finished!

This may seem scary the first time, but honestly only takes a few minutes. Watch the videos to see how. The system will go through the installation process which only takes around 30 seconds. Then, you can click on the URL given to you, log in to  WordPress administrative section and start building your website! Don’t forget to save your login details!

  • Choose a WordPress Theme that suits your niche.

Inside your WordPress Dashboard. Scroll down to “Appearance” You can find “Themes” under this. Again check out my YouTube channel as this walks you through the simple process. You can do a search for particular keyword themes. Find something that suits your website topic and also has the header and sidebar configuration you like, for example 1 or 2 columns. The theme can always be changed over instantly. Just click “install” and then “uninstall”. There are many excellent free themes. I also use FlexSqueeze for many of my sites too.

If you are trying to choose a niche topic for a domain name, use the free Google AdWords keyword tool to get you started. Just put in a few words closely related to your possible topic.

Helpful Links – HostmonsterGoogle keywords toolWiki blogYouTube

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