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Best SEO PluginDuring recent Google algorithm updates over the past years and also 2012, many website have fallen dramatically in rankings. Looking back last year I can remember seeing SEO products for sale that promised guaranteed immunity to this. However the fact of the matter was that “Panda proofing” or “Penguin proofing” a website was plain lies in reality. Time has moved on and in 2013 and beyond we can now see what the search engines and Google in particular want when it comes to a websites page layout and the best SEO strategies that make a difference to your websites rankings.

SEO Changes in 2013 You May Need to Make

Page Layout – Don’t have too many ads on your site. Have none or very few “above the fold” in other words at the top of your website. the place people see when they land on your site.

Best SEO Practices – Don’t use exact match domain names. Google has stated it wanted to level the playing field in this area so these websites didn’t have an unfair advantage over better quality sites trying to rank for the same keywords. If you are having difficulty applying the best SEO techniques this SEO plugin will help.

Anchor Text – Mix up your anchor text when creating links back to your site. Around 10 – 20% exact match is about all you need to use. If your keyword for example is “solar panel installation” use other keyword phrase people are searching for. Phrases like “how to install solar panels” “install a solar panel” etc. Refer to the Google or other keyword tool.

Automated Backlinking Software - You can still use a blog network to create backlinks, but mix up text and use vary sparingly. If Google sees you getting 20+ backlinks pointing back to your site within a day or so, it smells a rat, a rat in the form of automated linking software. Use it sparingly so it looks natural.

Social Media Signals – Try to integrate and share social media options within your site. If your site never has a comment left or never gets shared by another site, this matters. The search engines notice this. In other words, is your website being sociable? Do you have a Facebook, Twitter Google+ and YouTube account linking to your site? The more the better.

Another thing that seems to be a stand out for Google at the present time is the preference over larger quality sites. This means a website that has plenty of unique content. This may include posts, pages, videos and the like. Set up sharing options. Read more here about the Google SEO guidelines for webmasters.

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