Search Engine Optimization is an internet technology that matches your titles, description and keywords with what internet users are typing in and searching for. You can hugely increase visitors to your page and also the click-through rate by using the correct keywords specifically related to your content. Use a keyword tool to determine this first.  If you want to get SEO article content advice there is lots of valuable information on the internet.

For your site to rank well in Google or other search engines, you must incorporate keyword phrases into your blog or website’s content. If  you have difficulty ranking for the top competitive keywords, you can use the long tail keywords instead. These may not have a high number of search results, but they are a lot easier to rank for. Getting on page one is our goal after all! What are long tail keywords? They are the longer phrases people search for, around 4+ words long. So try to target the ones that are very specific to your particular niche market.

Either as a copywriter or a website webmaster or owner, you should learn SEO so you can enjoy the benefits of having more traffic coming to look at your site plus better click through rates when people find what they are looking for.

  • Title and Descriptions are king! Choose them wisely!
  • Quality and only unique content is a MUST! It must be found nowhere else on the web.
  • Subscribe to websites that offer free Internet Marketing training. Read, watch videos and learn as much as possible about how to SEO your articles. You will always learn something new!

  • Use a keywords tool for research to get good SEO titles for your articles. Descriptions are important too for your page when it is “spidered” by the search engines and indexed. Try to vary the keywords you incorporate into the description and title.

  • Try to write your articles with an interesting title, with your keywords a few times throughout your article. Don’t over do it or it looks like spam. To optimize your articles you can get more education on this here at “7 Article Marketing Tips

  • In the tags section or keyword box, after your description, don’t add too many keywords as this looks like spam. These days  the keyword box only accounts for approximately 5% of optimization anyway!  I personally keep my keywords singular for this reason also.

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