Are you looking for a free WordPress plugin that will take care of making your links look more search engine friendly? If so this pretty link plugin will do the trick! No actual “link cloaking” required as this plugin gives you the perfect looking link.

It is an excellent way for your affiliate links to look better because you can have a nice, keyword slug on the end of your main domain URL, instead of the unsightly long string of numbers and letters you normally see on these links. This is especially helpful when applying SEO basics for off page link building techniques. It is also an important measure to follow when looking for effective blogging tips to help your pages and blog posts to get better organic rankings.

  • Often visitors are deterred from clicking on a long link, this is certainly not what we want as affiliate marketers!
  • The SEO benefits are increased dramatically by not only getting rid of the affiliate link, but also having your keyword in it’s place.

The other benefit is with the Pretty Link, is the link is more user friendly when distributing it around the web through your various methods. You know the scenario, I’m sure you have come across this yourself when surfing the net – you see a link that looks like an affiliate link and what do you usually do? Not click on it.

AffiliatesCollege on YouTube also gives some helpful step by step SEO tutorials. Also read this article about how to build a website in WordPress.

I made the video above to explain how to install and use the WordPress plugin for beginners. Enjoy. Please leave a comment if it is helpful to you.

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