Are you wanting to know how to  make a free website for dummies? Preferred to be known as beginners, or newbies. not dummies!! After all, none of us were born with an education – we had to learn. Internet Marketing training is no exception.


If you are wanting to start your own business online, a WordPress website is a great place to begin. A bonus is that it is free!

Before setting up a website or affiliate promotion, remember the Title and keyword phrases you choose for your website will effect how much traffic and money you can generate. You can rank higher in Google more easily if a keyword phrase isn’t too competitive. In other words, if there aren’t lots of other people wanting to rank for the same keyword phrase. However, if you follow a well educated plan of attack and work on proven techniques, you can rank in Google quite quickly. I have sites ranking in the number 1 spot in Google after about 3 months for less competitive keywords.

  • The higher your Google ranking, the more traffic you will get to your site and the more money you will make.

This video takes you through how easy it is to set up a free website in WordPress. This website builder is probably the most popular platform to create a website and affiliate blog sites. It is what I use and it is free!  It is simple to use and understand, has many different themes/designs you can choose from. Super easy to change and customize colors, images and theme layouts. I will talk about the great plugins for WordPress which give it extra powerful functionality later on after building your site.


Getting started with your WordPress Website or Blog. A blog usually contains mostly smaller posts which are changed every time you make a new post, but a website is more a static home/front page (one that stays the same) with or without posts.

  • Step 1 – Go to WordPress.Org and sign up free to get started with building your website/blog. WP Features here. WordPress.Com has less flexibility and control.
  • Step 2 - Go to your email and click on the activation link given to you at sign up.
  • Step 3 – With your sign up details, log in to your free WordPress.You will see your Dashboard task bar on the left side.
  • Step 4 – Now you can customize your website or blog’s Title and Tagline.You can do this by scrolling down, clicking on “Settings” on the bottom left menu. Go to “General” and place in your Title and Tagline. (Don’t forget these keywords are directly related to your site and are highly important for the search engines to be able to find your website and index and rank it well. So keep to the keywords you want to “target” which is either the same as your site domain name or very closely related.)
  • Don’t worry, you can always come back into your WP dashboard and change any details later on if you like.
  • Step 5 – Create a new post, go to Posts > Add New via the dashboard on the left while you are logged in and start writing. You need a title and add content in the large box provided. (If you see a “not found” message come up, that’s because you haven’t added any posts or set a static front page yet.) So start writing and you will see your site take shape fast! If you want to Create a home page go to Pages > Add New and follow the above steps.
  • Don’t forget you can have a combination of pages and posts if you prefer. More WordPress help can be found here.
  • No need to change the header like in this video! Just to to dashboard “Appearances” then “Themes” and choose one.
  • If you have any questions about WordPress please add them to the comment box. Thanks.

For more extensive training and tutorials on SEO search engine optimization and getting your site on page one of Google go here to SEO Training and Link Building Strategies. There will be more videos and information updates soon. WordPress.Org is what I use, not WordPress.Com because I am an internet marketer and use my own domain hosting company. The actual Platform and functionality is however exactly the same… More about hosting will be added…


“As I’m always saying to people who can’t do something (including myself) – “You don’t know it – YET!” Determination will get you a long way!”


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