Keyword Tool For Research

We do keyword research to gain required insight into what other people want, or are searching for on the internet. It is extremely important for internet marketers and businesses to examine and target specific keywords related to their online niche, PPC campaign or off line business for best SEO purposes. Before buying a domain name it is imperative to carry out research, even if it is only with the Google keyword tool for research. This will ensure you get traffic to your website, and that you have a successful business.

For internet marketers, before you build a website this is the basic, but crucial concept if you want to make money online.

We use a keywords tool to study results to find out how many people are looking in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines for a particular term or word they have typed into the search bar on their homepage.

Keyword Research Guide and Keywords Analysis

  • What is the difference in a narrow search term and a broad search? the “seed” key word/phrase for example, if you search for the word dog training, this is the broad keyword. However, The word “dog training collar” is a more narrow and more specifically targeted keyword term. These are also known as “long tail keywords” Having a domain name with around 2 – 4 keywords for SEO purposes is the best. Internet marketers may also like to take into consideration “buying keywords” which could include words like get, advice, guide, buy, how to etc.

Getting Started

1. Set your target language. If you are wanting to promote or drive traffic to Australia, then set the language to “Australia”

2. Enter your base or root keyword. For example “dog training” and hit “search”

  • When you begin your basic keyword search, the Google free keyword tool is fine to use initially. It will also give you results of the competition and also the search volume for different months of the year. You can choose which country and language also.
  • If you have an Adwords account Log In to your Adwords Keywords Tool through there – Google -> settings tab (at top right) -> Account settings -> Adwords (under My Products) -> Reporting and Tools Tab (at top) select Keyword Tool from the drop down box, you’re in. You can also select Broad or Exact Match from the left hand sidebar. See below *.
  • If not just enter “Google Keyword Tool” into your search bar. To get keyword ideas and traffic estimates  enter a keyword related to your internet or offline business or service into the search box. Use the Advanced Options to choose a country and language you want to target. For example, If I was selling rugs in the U.S., then put the seed keyword as rugs, then set the country to United States and language to English. You would then use the Local Monthly search data.
  • The accurate selection of keywords you choose will greatly affect your website rankings, traffic to your site and the ability to produce sales for your offline or online business. Affiliates, Adsense sites and Internet Marketers only know too well the importance of SEO. However, in saying this remember, these results differ and are not exact, as said, they are an estimate.

I always suggest this – There is no point in having a beautiful, well stocked shop with the latest and hottest toys in it if your store is out in the middle of a suburb where no one goes to shop! You need traffic first! That is why choosing a domain name and website with closely related pages/posts, then building it up with quality, unique content is a must for good organic rankings and to beat your competition when it comes to rankings for keywords.

If you are a beginner to keyword research, you will want to know “how many searches do I need” Although there are other factors involved a general guideline, Local Monthly Search Volume for the Given Keyword Phrase in Broad Match, may be a minimum of around 3,000. However, take into consideration the math. If you have a highly targeted keyword, are selling web hosting and get paid $80 per sign up, then a 800 search volume could generate the same income as a 8,000 search volume for selling weight loss ebooks because of the lower commission payout! I usually try to stay above 3000 or so with the monthly search volume set to Broad, or around 1000 Exact. Remember to also look at the affiliate payouts and/or the estimated CPCs (Cost per Clicks) if you are doing an Adwords campaign. Also, a lower search volume is fine if the term has higher payouts and/or CPCs, especially where you have a close fitting site and domain name/URL.

*In Adwords Campaigns and (SERPS) search engine results –

  • Broad match keyword terms  –  keyword

Results will return searches on similar phrases and relevant variations of the keyword.

  • Exact match keyword terms  – [keyword]

Results will return searches that match the exact phrase exclusively.

  • Phrase match keyword terms – “keyword”

Results will return searches that match the exact phrase.

Which is the Best Advanced Keyword Tool For Research?

If you are wanting to choose a targeted keyword in your domain name (or find a niche market) for the best SEO purposes, then I use and would recommend a more highly tuned keyword tool. This tool is very versatile and returns more in depth searches than the Google keyword tool. It is a paid tool, but is only a one time payment which I found paid for itself very quickly.

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Click Here To Watch Videos How To Find Hot Niches & Domain Names Using This Powerful Keyword Tool.

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These are just some of the reasons I like using this keyword tool for research – You can do basic searches and then as you learn more about the tool do highly advanced searches to outdo your competitors online!

  • Get hundreds of keywords is seconds.
  • Get Automatic domain availability analysis
  • Exclusive competition comparison data with other websites
  • Search results filter to drill down into selected searches
  • Save into folders option
  • Tutorials included
  • Support included