As we know, Facebook is one of the biggest social media phenomenons on the web.

photoPeople worldwide enjoy sharing private messages with their friends and family. Business also sees that because of the huge amounts of traffic that hang out on Facebook, it is the perfect ground for trying to brand their company or product.

Spreading the word around about your company is free apart from the time spent writing your content and updating your business fan page. You can also increase people liking your business fan page if you add a personal or fun element into it. People hate being bombarded with constant advertisements or the like. Try adding pictures of things to do surrounding your company or you. Give your visitors some relevant free tips that will help them. This way you will gets more “likes”. If you don’t know, but would like to learn, here is how to make a fan page.

 Facebook Fan Page Statistics.

I just came across this interesting article about fan page statistics. A recent study done in June 2011 from ExactTarget about Facebook “Subscribers, Fans and Followers: The Meaning of Like,” found that 25% of US Facebook users disagree that marketers should interpret the “like” to mean they are a fan or recommend the company or brand.

Another very interesting pieces of data was about why people do not “fan” a brand on Facebook.

More than half of users expect to be flooded with messages or advertisements (54%) after “fanning” a brand, while 45% do not want to give other companies access to their profile information. Also noted that 31% do not want to push content from a company into friends’ news feed.Read more from the original post here at SearchMediaOptimization.

Bottom line – It really does get back to trust and engaging your audience. Build a relationship with them. Learn more about a keyword tool for research to help you find topics and things people want to know about in your business market.

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