If you are a beginner to blogging, this step by step tutorial video and information below will help teach you the process how to start a blog. Once you build a website or blog, (which these days is very similar in WordPress) you can choose to write and share your thoughts with the world, or you can monetize it also. Your blog may have the homepage (landing page) set as static so it looks and functions more like a website.

Affiliate Marketing blogs are a popular way to make money blogging by adding text or banner affiliate links to your site. You will earn a commission when you sell someone else’s product or service.
Internet or affiliate marketers use what is called Search Engine Optimization strategies when structuring their SEO blog to rank higher in the search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing etc. You can learn SEO training and techniques here.

Follow these steps to start a free Blog in WordPress.

I use WordPress because it is a simple to use, free, and has great functionality with various themes and plugins. They are also free and you can add and change them any way you prefer.

  • Go to WordPress.com. Click the large button “Get Started Here” Sign up is free. Create a username, password, email address. Be sure to save these and write them down as you will need them later on to log in. You will be sent an email.
  • Click on the activation link in the email you received.
  • Log in with the details you saved.
  • You will see the WP “Dashboard” on the left side. Here you will see a menu or all the settings and things you can change, however you only need to change the basics.
  • While you are in your dashboard, Scroll down to the bottom (menu bar) to “Settings”. Click on “General” and change your blogs title and description (tagline). Save. Open your site in another window and refresh.
  • To write a post about something, go back to your dashboard and scroll down to “Add New Post” Click this and add your title and blogging content into the box. Blog away. You have the option of “save draft” or “Publish” to the world!
  • You can delete the “hello world” post and “comments” as the video teaches you. “Trash” posts if you don’t like them.
  • Go to “Themes” and choose a theme you would like. Click on “Activate” to install.
  • Go to “Widgets” and click on “add” or drag and drop which ones you prefer. Select where in the sidebar you want them to appear – top section and so on. Don’t forget widgets will only show up once you have created something in that section.
  • Write your content, add affiliate links or links to other websites you want. Also add images as per video.
  • Optional – Add your profile, gravatar, about page etc.
  • Don’t forget – you can’t ruin anything because it can all be changed at a click of your mouse. Trash things and start again till you are happy. So play around and get to know some of the basic functions. Have fun!



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