Adding Banners and Links to Your Website

This is a quick run down on how to add your affiliate banner link, or affiliate text link into your blog. I recently had someone ask me how to do this, which prompted this guide. This video below was made awhile ago before WordPress made a few changes to it’s platform, however the process is still the same. Instead of seeing “HTML” next to the “Visual” tab when creating a post you will now see the word “Text” appear alongside the Visual tab. So just click on “Text” when putting in the long string of HTML code you get from your banner advertisement link.


This will work with any of your links from Commission Junction, Amazon, Clickbank and so on. Just remember, be in Visual Mode for adding a standard hyperlink, and be in Text mode to add HTML coding you have generated for you by your affiliate network.

Here is a screenshot of what your Commission Junction HTML code might look like. Just highlight, copy and paste the code straight into your WordPress web page.

How to Insert Commission Junction HTML Affiiate Code into WordPress

Then Highlight, Copy and Paste the code and put it into your page.

CJ HTML Link Code


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