How To Build a Website

How To Build a Website

How To Create A Website

There are many “instant website builders” on the internet that incorporate a wizard to build your website for you. The big problem I have found through experience is there is not enough flexibility to grow your site and optimize it correctly for the search engines if you go this route.

The very first affiliate website I had was one I bought years ago. It was one of those “automated” sites. Yes, it was easy to change visually, but I was unable to change the things that really mattered – implement the best SEO techniques to drive traffic successfully and get top rankings in Google. I couldn’t control all aspects of the site and build it up the way I wanted it. It didn’t make much money. It was a mistake.

However, as I became more educated about how to build a website, begun to understand the important elements like SEO link building , niche marketing and how to set up a website correctly, I learnt from it, put it behind me and moved forward building my own websites from scratch. This is definitely the best way to make money online from a home based business. You have the control.

Why and How To Make an SEO Website in WordPress

  • Today there is no better website (or blogging) platform for Internet marketers than WordPress. Beginners or more advanced bloggers can use this platform. I love the themes, the plug-in flexibility and the ease it offers in setting it up. AffiliateMarketersCollege.Com is dedicated to helping you get started and showing you in way that is easy for beginners to understand. Internet marketing video tutorials on our YouTube channel AffiliatesCollege will also help you.
  • Generally speaking, you can choose to create mini niche sites which often consist of only a few pages or a larger authority site which consists of many more pages and posts. You can choose how big you want your website to be. For a small niche market with only one or a few products or services to promote, a smaller posts site with only one static homepage set up is the best way to go. However if you have a large market topic with lots of content and products to add, an “authority site” with lots of pages may be better. The size difference in posts and pages is that posts are usually only around 200 – 300 words, but pages are set up more like articles – around 300 – 800 words in length and are static (don’t change).
  • Step by Step How To Build a Website or Blog in WordPress can be found here. As I say, this is my preferred choice compared to other platforms like Blogger, Squidoo and Weebly for example. There is so much more you can do when building a website in WP. With minimal tweeking it can become a powerful site that can get you higher search engine rankings.
  • WordPress includes both plug-ins and themes. Sites look fantastic and their functionality is extended by the use of plug-ins. As far as themes go, there are many free options and some paid also. Very flexible.
  • Once you have selected and purchased your domain name from sites like HostGator or Hostmonster for example, (I use and like both), you will need to login to your domain registrar and point the name servers to your hosting company. Every hosting company has its own nameservers that allow the Internet to find the actual address of your site. (A bit like your ISP hosting for your computer internet connection) Remember – Save your username and password from the email sent to you as you will need this to log in later. I made this quick video below to show you how to point your nameservers over if you have registered your domain name with one company, but want hosting with a different company.

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  • To set up and install WordPress onto your site, simply login to your web hosting account like DomainCheapsters, Hostmonster or GoDaddy for example and Log into the Control Panel with your username and password. The control panel (or cPanel) can be used at any time for a number of helpful things including checking your website traffic stats.

You can be sure that the time you spend learning WP will be time well spent. Learning a solid education on how to build a website was never easier. Believe me, no fancy tech skills needed. I confess, although successful at IM, my technical skills leave a lot to be desired! WordPress is quite easy to use for those of you who are newbies. With adequate SEO training you can tweak your sites to be optimized which is very powerful, as this makes your site very search engine friendly.  And WordPress it’s free!

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This video below will give you tips for how to set up content on your website so it is optimized correctly for the search engines.
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