A Google spokesperson has just announced that the popular keyword tool for research has been removed due to the Google search engine site undergoing an overhaul or redesign. (The above video explains, although obsolete now, the uses which this handy little keyword search tool had)

The Google Wonder Wheel was first introduced back in 2009. It was used by many businesses including search engine optimizers such as webmasters and internet marketers. A valuable tool for getting targeted keywords and find what people are looking for on the web by doing niche marketing research.

This nifty Google Wonderwheel tool would identify relationships between a search term and then more in depth or longtail related searches using the Google database. By carrying out this Google search then marketers knew wheter a product or service had a potentia online market or not. More can be found at the below link, or via the keyword tool for research link above.

Goodbye Wonder Wheel, it’s been nice knowing you!

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