So how much content do we need on our homepage to please Google?
Matt Cutts from Google talks about how much is enough content on our home pages. It’s interesting to see when browsing around on the web, the websites that have a very different view on this. Some may only have a few hundred words, while some have thousands of words! So what make the best homepages? Watch the video to see Google’s guidelines on the topic. He leans towards having more content.

How Much Content Makes the Best Homepage?

I like to go with a solid homepage of around 700 – 100 words. This way there is plenty of content for Google to index and also keep your visitors happy. However posts (or articles) may only consist of around 200 – 500 words. These numbers are a general guide. Obviously it is more important to get your message across effectively than solely be worried about how much content to include. You can check out some other info about site set up on YouTube at AffiliatesCollege channel.

Also try to add a picture or two, or a video. Utilize the alt tag in pictures – add a title to your picture. As Matt suggests “a little bit of textual information can go a long way. You may also like to look at Matt’s blog to get best homepage ideas from his site.His blog is situated at Matt Cutts blog.

I also like to add relevant SEO link building strategies into my homepage content and links section in WordPress which also is what the search engines including Google like to see. You can see my blog at Affiliate Marketers College has outbound links on my website homepage.

This video will also help you with your website content set up.


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