Is there such a thing as ethical SEO? This brings up a question and food for thought. This is what goes through my mind.

Internet Marketers usually end up working on many different marketing campaigns over time. They may purely set up websites and provide affiliate offers from these sites. They may create a Pay Per Click offer. Maybe they are a webmaster for a large company, or ad agency. Whatever it is that you do, would you consider what you write and how you layout your projects as ethical when it comes to your SEO techniques?

The benefit of having your own website, is that you can set your own standard of ethics and manage quality control within your web site.

As Matt Cutts from Google suggests, Learn SEO strategies that are “white hat” to build a long term business that will stand the test of time.

Commission on Ethical SEO. Do you apply SEO techniques just to make a quick buck? – Unethical? Food for Thought!

  • Are you pressured to make decisions based on what other people want, but not what you think is ethical yourself?
  • Do you fall to black hat internet strategies in order to get ahead of everyone else – but just to be slapped down by Google?
  • Do you write misleading offers or titles and descriptions?
  • Do you tell people what they want to hear, but not the truth?
  • Have you got a squeeze page that is all hype, with no quality product or content to back it up? (my favourite hate)
  • Spam emails and other forms of hacking or spamming are downed right annoying. Plus they clog the web! Do you practice ethical SEO linking building or unethical?

So bottom line – what is your own ethical reputation worth? If you have built a website or company on the fact that you only engage in ethical practices, you will be rewarded long term by loyal and trusting customers. AND you get to sleep peacefully knowing you are adding value to the web or company, and generally helping people out with their lives as well as your own.

It’s great to make money as an internet marketer as we go through this world, but not at others expense or through lies and deception! It’s really is not hard to help people by offering them what they want, information or something else they need while you make some money in the process. Stay ethical while carrying out your search engine optimization. Plus, Google and the other search engines will reward your rankings for it over time! Building a successful business online or offline is about creating trust and great service to your customer. The recent Google Panda update is testament to that.

You can read more about what triggered this post here at SEoptimize. Hopefully this will get your thought process going too! You can also read the Google’s SEO starter guide Matt Cutts was referring to in the video – how to optimize your site properly and ethically.

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