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If you are looking for a way to send out bulk emails to your subscribers, there are a few things to consider before deciding on using a free or paid auto mailing service. Free auto responders can most times do their job quite well, but as you know, often quality comes at a price. The whole point is it depends on what you need out of a mailing service and how many subscribers you think you will receive over the lifetime of your website.

Should Alarm Bells Ring Because a Service is Free?

The short answer is not really, but it depends on your needs. For example, if you are building a list on your website that is for a small group or hobby club, a free service may be fine because if they don’t receive an email here and there it won’t matter so much. However, if you want to build a marketing website or other long term business website, then a paid service is much more reliable and the way to go. Here’s why….

The Cons of Many Free Mail Services Can Include

  • Often many of your emails are not delivered
  • Your mail ends up in the spam folder
  • When your list reaches your limit of people, what then?
  • When you decide to move the list to another auto-responder software service, you run into problems and can lose many of your subscribers details. Ouch!
  • Support, colors, templates, opt in forms and tutorials may be limited.

Is a Free or Paid Auto Responder Service Right for You?

At the end of the day ask yourself these 4 questions…..

  1. Do I need to be sure each email reaches it’s destination, and on time?
  2. Am I building a list of people where money can be lost if the email isn’t delivered?
  3. Is there a possibility of outgrowing the free service and changing over to a better, paid service?
  4. Do you want to have many free custom opt in form and email templates to choose from?

If you answer yes to these basic questions above, then a paid service is definitely the best for your business in the long run. Many of us have tried the free services early on with many headaches when we wanted to change over to a better service later on.

Learn more about free and paid services here. Free services include mailchimp and listwire. The best paid and popular bulk email service (and one that I use) is aWeber. The customization options for opt in forms and email templates are amazing.

Bulk eMail Service - aWeber

The features tab at the top will display many options for you to look at for your business.

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