Building Backlinks To Your Site

When you build a website, you will be looking to increase your search engine rank and get more traffic to it. One of the best ways to do this is through building backlinks to your site. This is a crucial element of search engine optimization for getting better Google rankings. So this traffic system is all about helping you build your backlinks in such a way so the search engines love it!

To get the most beneficial backlinks pointing back to your site, you will want other blogs that are in the same niche, to add your link or an article with your link to their website. Of course this is not easy to do, to get other people to write about your website and link back to your site – SO this is were this blogging system comes in. It is a blog system with hundreds of different blog sites that you can post your short article to – including 2 of your links pointing back to any of your site’s pages. Other link building tips here.

I like using this traffic tool because it is easy to use and quick to do. Just like working inside WordPress. Because there are so many websites in the BU system, you can always find plenty of highly relevant sites to post to. This is where the search engines see and like the relevance between sites. Your posts and pages on your site get indexed fast too! Newbies can get some backlink definitions here.

How To Build Backlinks with this Blog Network

  • Spread your site’s links around to other relevant blogs by writing  short 120 word posts
  • Do your post in the chosen relevant niche blogs and get instant back links so you can get top rankings!
  • This system works with all types of web sites and SEO strategies! Because bottom line is that everyone needs good links!
  • Get your new websites and pages indexed quickly!
  • Training and support available. I will also be adding some videos to show how I use this site on my Youtube channel AffiliatesCollege.

If you missed Part 1 of the webinar on video, watch it here, about the SEO Backlink building system.

Part 2 is below showing how to build backlinks.

Don’t forget Part 1 is here - SEO Backlink building system.

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