Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

The following is a description of Affiliate Marketing.

  • Affiliate marketing is when you refer someone from your website (or affiliate offer) to another company’s products or services in which you then earn a commission. Put simply – selling other people’s stuff. All from the convenience of your own home! Depending on the type of program and company you join you will get paid monthly or when you earn a certain amount, usually around $100. Then you are commonly sent the money via a check, PayPal or direct debit, again depending on the company you join.

All affiliate Networks and affiliate programs are free to join and the process to sign up with them and get started is a very easy one. You can go to well know networks like or Commission Junction,, ShareaSale.Com and many others. Inside these affiliate networks, there are thousands of products and services to promote. Depending on your site, sometimes you may only choose a few items to sell to make money online. The choice is yours.

The benefits of starting a home based business in affiliate marketing

  • You only need a computer and an internet connection.
  • There are no large set up costs like in a traditional bricks and mortar business. Some people start out by still doing work a “day job” and come home and then work on educating themselves to make a website or blog. The other thing I like is you can change and add things as you go along without it costing you money, again unlike off line businesses. This is just the beginning of many of the benefits it hold.
  • You can work from home or anywhere it the world as long as you own a PC!
  • You can work your own hours as you learn affiliate marketing without hiring extra staff.
  • No stock to own or storage problems.
  • No large overheads like rent, paying wages, travel to work costs and electricity.
  • AND you get to be your own boss and make the decisions about your OWN online business! What job could be better than that? For me personally, I also like the fact that what website you create online now will continue to get stronger in the search engines over time. This truly is a business you can be passionate about and work on it to make it grow.
  • The only down side? You will come across some dishonest marketers online from time to time that will tell you “how to get rich quick” or “how to make $3,000 a day….” This just isn’t the case! Beware because affiliate marketing for dummies, newbies, beginners – whatever you like to call it – you get out of this what you put into it. Sorry, there is NO push button instant riches. This is about growing a long term online business that will stand the test of time. We all need training and guidance to begin, then we need to take action! All successful businesses require work, and affiliate marketing is no different.


  •  Sign up is free with affiliate networks and their affiliate programs. When you find something you want to promote, sign up with that affiliate program  should be free. Otherwise they may not be reputable. I most certainly NEVER do business with any website if you have to pay to join their affiliate program.
  • How do you find an affiliate program to suit your niche market? For example, If you have a gardening website, the very first thing you want to do is go to Google (or any other search engine) and type in the search bar gardening “affiliate program”. This is how I look for affiliate programs to join.  Then scroll down to the bottom, or look for the link on their website.  They will typically have a link on their site that says something like “affiliate program“, “partner program“, “associate program” or “referral program“.  Click on this and it will take you to the sign up page. You will be asked to fill in your details and the company will sometimes send you an email for you to confirm your sign up process. Click on this link in the email if asked. You will then be given a unique affiliate number and links that will track sales back to you so you get paid.  You can log back into their site to get all your statistics, clicks and sales information at any time.

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Remember, only look to join a company that has products or services closely related to your niche and website. Visitors coming to your website may be interested in gardening plans, but because they are gardeners, they may like gardening tools which you could promote. I add blog posts to get traffic to my affiliate website targeting the specific keyword. In this example it could be “gardening tools” because it is closely related to your niche market. You can learn more about affiliate marketing for beginners and how to build a free WordPress website at Affiliate Marketers College. Updates, affiliate marketing for beginner tips,  new posts and videos will be added regularly to this affiliate marketing blog. Affiliate courses, the best affiliate marketing books and tools will be reviewed.

My mission and promise is to only add products or services that plain work! Tools and courses suggested will only be included if I have used them, and have had great results with them.

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