The Worst and Best Affiliate Marketing Approach

Affiliate Marketing Failure or Success?As an affiliate marketer, when you have created informative and helpful information on your website, you can start looking at the promoting products or services that would be beneficial for your visitors. You want to only think about the things that will somehow benefit them. What might they want to buy because it helps or is in some way beneficial for them. For example, It may be a time saving tool that will help them get a job done, software, or a training course.

The same is to be said if you have a mailing list you keep in touch with. You need to send out informative emails from your AWeber auto responder service that give people benefit and helpful information, not just trying the hard sell. We all know from our own experiences – we hate that!

As a reputable and respectful affiliate marketer online, you want to look at the long term and what it will bring when you help other people, while at the same time giving yourself a satisfying income. It’s a good thing when you recommend products or services that help you so you know they will help others too. This will definitely bring you the best results over the long term. Don’t make the mistake of only thinking about what’s in it for you and how much money you make and how quickly. This approach and attitude will not result in any long-term success on the web. Sure, you may make a few sales, especially to begin with, but whether or not it can be sustainable is another matter. Also, people will not want to recommend your site or want to come back to your site. All these things will impact on your site’s growth, bounce rate and number of visitors to your website over time. Here is another post about affiliate marketing mistakes here.

My bottom line, and my suggestions for you is – if you want to make money and sustain sales and visitors to your site, then you need  to promote or recommend quality (highly relevant niche markets) products or services that you know have worked well for you or someone you know that has used them successfully. Credibility is an important element for a sustainable online business.


9 Questions to ask yourself

  • What products or services would benefit your visitors?
  • Have you used the product yourself?
  • Are you trying to make a quick buck without thinking about your website long term?
  • Are you recommending things that will help people?
  • Do you just want to get the highest commission?
  • Are you promoting a product that you know nothing about?
  • Are you looking over the long term, bringing sustainable sales and success for your site?
  • Would others recommend your site?
  • Would others share on social media sites?

Okay, that’s given you food for thought and if you would like to read another article, click the link and get some other people’s views on affiliate marketing for beginners. Read as much information you can. The internet has much knowledge to offer on the topic!

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