SEO is a vitally important element of Internet Marketing.

Awareness and learning website link building methods is highly important to your rankings and traffic.  However, often there are divisions within the industry about what search engine optimization methods works the best. There are also common SEO myths you come across as you surf the net. I have added my ideas and SEO tips.

Here are a few common SEO Myths

  • SEO Myth #1. “Content is King” or should we say Is Content the Only King?

I do still believe that “Content is King”. If your website content is set up correctly, is the basic backbone of your online business. The more relevant, unique content you write, the more traffic and better rankings you will get. Google, Yahoo and Bing like to see websites (and content) that are offering value to the web! This is indisputable!

However, content is not the only important aspect of SEO. The search engines look at other things too. This is where linking out to other sites and building back links over time comes in.  More can be learnt here about creating a website and it’s structure. So while site structure, social media integration and even technical intricacies all play an important role in the overall picture of improved rankings, links are also highly important.

It gets back to balance: Unique, Relevant Content and Link Building, both onsite and offsite.

  • SEO Myth #2. “Onsite SEO doesn’t Matter”

Onsite SEO does matter! Do a SEO checklist. How you construct your site will again effect your rankings and traffic over time. Every site should link out to other relevant sites. Each site should have valuable, relevant content. No duplicate content. Posts or articles should be at least 200+ words in sync with the title and description. Does you site offer value to others?

  • SEO Myth#3 “Bad links will hurt rankings”

The best linking methods are trying to link out and get back links from other sites closely related to our niche. If you see this through the eyes of the search engines, this makes sense. While we may try to get relevant and high quality links, we will also get links from lower quality sites from time to time. This is only natural and won’t hurt our rankings so long as the majority of your links are better in quality. To achieve this you only need to follow good linking practices over time and be connected with others in your niche community.

More about this article topic can be found at click through marketing. The source or inspiration for writing was here at Search Engine Watch. The above video and others related tips about affiliate marketing for beginners can be found here at AffiliatesCollege on YouTube. For more ridiculous SEO myths check this post.




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