How to Write a Terrific Blog Post ArticleHow to Write Creative Blogs People Want to Read!

There are a some basic elements to think about when writing a blog post or an article. To do it properly, you need to be accurate, compelling AND understand what your reader wants. Sounds easy enough right, but how do we achieve that?

It’s important if you make money from your blog and you want people to perform an action when they read your article like clicking on a link or liking your page for example.

10 Ways to Get Your Article Read!

  • Select a topic people want to know about. Find out what people want to know about. You could use the Google keyword tool for research. Keep the topic relevant. Match your title, headline and article together.
  • Establish who your audience is. Who are they? Find out, then write for them. If they are a beginner at something then use terms and language they would understand and relate to. If at the other end of the scale you are writing a highly technical or professional article, then your grammar and professionalism must reflect this. This is how you will “speak to your reader” and get on their level.
  • Be accurate on the topic. Nobody likes reading garbage, so write about a topic you either know about or are willing to learn about. Do it properly. It will show in your article if you are a fake, so focus on writing about things you know about and you simply want to share with others.
  • Write a terrific title or headline. People love a good headline. Make it interesting, entice people to click through and read. This will help people decide whether or not they will click through to read your article. This is like the “bait” So include teasers or words like “how to” “best” “fastest” “10 ways” “discover” “shocking” “simple” and so on.
  • Stay relevant. know one likes ramblings or an article that goes on forever, again, unless it’s called for such as a technical or professional piece. Use your common sense here. Would you want to read it?
  • Be unique. Only write something that is on topic and unique. Definitely no copy and pasting. Copyright issues are serious these days and the search engines can pick up a copycat from a mile off!
  • Outline your article first. This is usually only necessary if you are writing a longer article with many elements. If it’s just a short, quick blog post this won’t be necessary.
  • Use bullet points, subheadings, bolding, color and paragraphs. This always looks better and doesn’t seem so overwhelming when someone arrives on your site to see a large body of text with no interesting stand out points or paragraphs. You may not need to use all these at once, but at least a few will add interest. Definitely needed if you don’t want people to leave your page fast!
  • Include images and links. This ads interest and also may help portray what you want to explain to your audience. Pictures also break up the body of text while bringing your article to life. Only link off to highly relevant content.
  • Proofread your article. This includes spell checking and writing with good grammar. No swearing or any offensive comments is also the best tact to follow. Respect your readers!


Bottom line …..think about what type of article layout YOU prefer to read, and then think about it from the reader’s perspective also. Write something worthwhile!

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